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Example of a paternity test result

Paternity confirmed: a confirmation will be given with a probability of up to 99,99999%

Paternity excluded: An exclusion will be given with 100% certainty

How to interpret paternity test results

The language used in a paternity test report is very technical and sometimes hard to understand.

Understanding your DNA report

Your DNA report will give details of each person tested. It explains what has been done to extract the DNA information and the conclusions drawn from this process. It will list a data table with the genetic systems/markers of all participants and will finally also state the probability of paternity or other relationship (in case of one of our relationship tests).

The conclusion will tell you whether the putative father is or is not excluded as the biological father of the child:

Please note: It is absolutely vital that you tell us beforehand, if a close relation to the putative father may also be considered as a putative father (e.g., a brother or grand-father). If so, we need to consider this circumstance during the statistical calculation. If our scientists may not be able to deliver a concrete conclusion, we will increase the amount of tested markers to give a solid test result.


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