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Withdrawal from purchase and refund

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Withdrawal from Purchase

After the legally binding 14 days "Right of Revocation" we grant a non-expiring right of cancellation

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As a customer you have the statuary right of revocation. In addition to that we offer as an act of goodwill, that you may withdraw from the contract at any time, even after the legally binding period of revocation has expired.

When can you cancel your contract?

  1. If you revoke this contract within 14 days after your purchase we will refund all payments immediately. Please read the right of revocation carefully for more information
  2. If you want to revoke this contract later than 14 days after your purchase this will still be possible. We grant an extraordinary extension of the legally binding period of revocation.

In both cases, please contact us through email or telephone

How much does it costs to cancel the order after 14 days?

We will charge only 20 € for this cancellation to pay for the test kit, postage and administration of your order and cancellation. This amount will be reducted from the repayable sum

How do we pay your money back?

Regardless of your intial way of payment you can tell us where to refund the money to. If e.g. you have paid through Paypal the refund may also be paid into your bank account.

Retouring of the goods

It is not necessary to send back the test kit



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