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Witnessed Sampling

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How to take a witnessed sampling

According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act each DNA sampling has to be witnessed by a neutral and experienced person.
Thus your identity and with it the unequivocal allocation of the samples can be guaranteed.

Please do not eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes before the sampling

Who can witness your DNA sampling?

The sampling for a DNA analysis must be carried out by a neutral person. According to the law this person should be

The samples may be also taken by us as your chosen lab.

Your chosen witness just needs to fill in all documentation and take your samples. To maintain the so-called chain of custody, it is mandatory that your sampler sends the complete test kit back to us. For this purpose we enclose an addressed and pre-paid return envelope so that no more costs incur.

You may choose a physician no matter what field he is specialised in. If, for example, your family doctor may not conduct the sampling, you maybe find another sampler with the help of these links:

How to find a witness for your sampling

We as your lab are of course available for the sampling procedure. After short advance notification the appointment will take place in our premises near Munich. It will cost 79€.

If you prefer to go somewhere else, you will find addresses of physicians, youth welfare departments and health centres here to choose from. The searches link to a German speaking external pages)


Physicians charge for the witnessed sampling. Please check out the costs beforehand. (This search links to a German speaking external page)

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Witnessed sampling at Youth Welfare Offices are often without extra costs. Please inquire beforehand, if this applies to your Youth Welfare Office as well.

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According to the law public medical officers may also offer to conduct your witnessed sampling.

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