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Understanding your DNA Test Result

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Your DNA report will always give an explicit and clear result for your ordered paternity or relationship test..

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"Paternity practically proven"

If we find a statistical propapility of 99,9% or more that the putative father is indeed the biological father of the child you DNA test result will be given as "pratically proven".

If you would like to increase the probability of paternity we can of course include the samples of the mother. The test results will be more accurate with a probability of up to 99,99999%. Whichever test you choose, rest assured that we will supply you with 100% conclusive results.

"Paternity excluded"

In paternity testing our lab will always achieve a 0 % probability of paternity if the putative father can be excluded as biological father. If this is the case we will rerun the whole analysis cost free to secure this result. Accordingly, the result "Paternity excluded" will always be 100% secure. 

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