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How does paternity testing work?

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We analyse the DNA from your samples and can determine a possible biological relationship between the test participants.

Those parts of your DNA that we analyse for a paternity or other relationship do not show any trace of possible diseases.

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Every cell in our bodies contains the complete set of DNA which determines who we are and what we look like. Accordingly, we could work with samples from all over a persons body, either roots of the hair, dander from fingernails or a comb, saliva from cigarette buds etc. Yet, the German Gene Diagnostics Act strictly restricts the choice to samples of blood or mouth swabs.

During a DNA paternity test we analyse the DNA code sequences, the so-called genetic markers. Related persons will have some similar genetic markers.In a first step we isolate the DNA from the cells of your sample using a method called 'polymerase chain reaction', or PCR. Following this, we do a 'genetic fingerprinting' to find similarities in the DNA samples


As we all inherit our DNA 50 : 50 % from our father and mother we can accordingly find matches in the DNA of 2 or more test participants and therefore conclude on their biological relatedness.

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