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What DNA samples can be used for paternity testing

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Which biological samples can be used for a DNA test?

The standard samples for a DNA test are pain-free mouth swabs which are easily taken.

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Our scientific team here at Eurofins Forensik has the necessary knowledge and technology analyse  any kind of biologic sample: blood, mouth swaps, hair, semen, biopsy material, skeletal remains, cigarette butt, envelopes, toothbrush or other organic remains present in all kind of clothes or objects.

Please keep in mind that each participant has to give a written consent for a DNA test. So, all the above mentioned examples are working as a sample in theory. Still, they will be used only in certain cases when e.g. one of the test participant may already be deceased.

Normally our tests are performed on the basis of mouth swaps which can be obtained easily and pain-free. In our free test kit you will find all you need to take a mouth swab.

If you want to provide us with samples other than mouth swabs please call our experienced support team beforehand for a consultation.

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