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How to find an independant witness for your DNA sampling

We at Eurofins are happy to offer the entire DNA service, from witnessed sampling to complete and even court approved DNA report.

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According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act scientists of your chosen DNA laboratory have to ensure to maintain the "chain of custody" - procedure during the sampling and the performing of the DNA analyses.

Therefore, you may of course make an appointment and visit our premises in Ebersberg near Munich to have a witnessed DNA sampling. 

Of course, many of our customers just don't live near enough. According to the law certain exceptions are granted in the "Richtlinien zum Gendiagnostikgesetz", Par. IV (Guidelines of Gene Diagnostics Act, German PDF).

Hence, you may also ask another independant person to oversee and verify the procedure of witnessed sampling. This can be:

How to find a sampler:

In case you should not want to make an appointment with your GP we offer a search for a sampler ordered by postal code (service is in German for German postal codes)

How much does a sampling cost?:

Witnessed sampling in our premises: 79 € / appointment. Please call beforehand.

Other samplers: if you fix a date for a witnessed sampling with somebody other than us you should ask for their costs. They may invoice you as private patients.

Please note: The GP you chose to perform your witnessed sampling does not need to be specified in a certain medical discipline.

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