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How will I receive my DNA test results?

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The official results, signed by the scientist who wrote the report, will be send to you by postal mail.

Optional, you may order an email report to be sent to you instantly after its generation.

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We provide you with an official and fully detailed DNA report. In this report we will explain what we did in the analysis and what results could be drawn from your DNA.

For example, the results for a paternity analysis will give a 100% probability if the alleged father is excluded as the biological father. It means he cannot be the father of the tested child because the analysis clearly shows that there is no paternal line between the alleged father and the child

If the alleged father is not excluded to be the biological father the statistical probability will be 99,9% or higher. The man is considered to be the biological father.

Every DNA report is written by experienced scientists. We send your report by postal mail immediately after the completion.

If you would like to see your report in an instant you can order our email service (additional costs: 10 €).

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