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How long does DNA testing take?

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The handling time of a DNA test depends on what kind of analysis you order. For a "straight-forward" paternity test we will deliver your DNA results within 4 working days.

Analyses of extended relationship may vary, depending on the samples you can provide

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Paternity Test Standard Service: 4 working days

Before starting the analyses we need your samples, the complete documentation and consents of all participants and your advance payment for your chosen test. A paternity test will then be completed within 4 working days. We will subsequently send your test results by post.

We may also email your test results as a PDF immediately after completion of the analysis. You can book this option as an extra service for 10 €.

Paternity Test Express Service: over-night, additional 299 €

We guarantee you will receive your paternity test results during the afternoon following the day (applies to working days, only) you submitted all documents, samples and the testing fee.

The complete test documentation and samples need to be here in the laboratory before 10 a.m. You may then pay the testing fee with Paypal so that we receive your money instantly.


Handling time for sibling tests and other relationship tests:

The processing time depends on the test you need and the samples you can provide us with. A standard sibling test could take up to 1 week. On the other hand, a paternity test can take even more than 2 weeks if you cannot provide us with the samples of the alleged father. If we test siblings and grandparents to find your father it may easily take up to 4-5 weeks to come to a conclusion.

In any case, we can give you a relatively accurate assessment of the processing time for your specific case before we even start testing.

So, please let us talk about your questions. Our experienced support team can also help you to decide what test is the best in your case. You can then decide if you want to trust us with your DNA test.

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