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Contents of a test set

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This is in your testset. Please read on to find out how to fill in your data

This is what you will find in your test set:

  • envelopes
  • sterile Cotton swabs
  • our forms, copies of your IDs, optionally other documents
  • stamped return envelope


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Contents of a test kit

**  Envelope
We provide you with envelopes to pack each person's samples. To avoid the icontamination of your samples, please use our envelopes only. Please label each envelope:

**  Unique Order ID
your receive your Order ID with your order confirmation in your mail

**  Swabs
The sterile swabs you find in your test kit should be used for the sampling. Please don't eat, drink or smoke 30 min before your sampling and make sure that only 1 person uses 1 specific set of swabs.

Your sampler is physician? You can also use sterile swabs the physician may provide you with. 

**  Forms & documents
Together with your sampler, please fill in the forms your find in the test kit.

Besides, please provide us with a copy of the ID for each participant. The ID's photo needs to be sharp and clear. In case a participant is under age all persons having custody need to give their written consent and also provide us with a clar copy of their ID. The start of the analysis may be delayed if the paperwork is incomplete.

**  Return envelope
Please carefully pack and return all samples and papers back to us in sufficiently prepaid envelope:

Eurofins Forensik GmbH
Anzinger Str. 7a
D - 85560 Ebersberg

Procedure of sampling

Witnessed Sampling
Together with your sampler you now fill in all forms and sign everything accordingly. To make the sampling easy we have compiled a flyer (PDF) that explains all necessary steps. Please note: for participants under age all persons having custoday must give their written consent.

After taking the samples the sampler returns the swabs to their respective envelope and seals it. All sample envelopes and documents will now be placed in the return envelope which also need to be sealed.

You are done! Your sampler will post it all. Now is the best time for you to pay. We offer payment with Paypal. That makes sure we have your payment immediately and can start with the analysis as soon as we receive your samples. For paternity tests we take 4 working days to analyse and write your DNA report. Please give us your Order ID when you pay so we know for which order we receive this payment.

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