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We do paternity tests in these countries

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We have customers all over the world. Our test kit can be send to you whereever you are.

All you need is the possibility to send back your samples by post. The mouth swab DNA samples take no risk to degrade by longer journeys.

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All our DNA test including our paternity test are low cost tests which are bought mainly from German, Austrian and Swiss customers as they appreciate the German speaking customer service.

Still, our dedicated and experienced customer care team will also be glad to support you in English. There are many question our customers will want to discuss so we are of course well prepared to help you in Englis, also. Besides, we will of course provide your DNA test results in English, if you prefer

However, there is a growing percentage of our customers from Africa, Asia and South America. Those DNA tests often are motivated by the wish for a family reunion or proof of paternity in a case of immigration.

When you life near Munich you may come to our lab for a witnessed sampling. If not, please check out our help pages to find a sampler.

Please note: the French law forbids non-French laboratories to perform paternity tests for French citizens.

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