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Which sample is best for DNA paternity testing?

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DNA sample collection for paternity testing is easy and straightforward. There is no sample "better" than another, it is only a question of regarding the regulations and your sampling is a matter of minutes. Here we explain it in more details:

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A persons's DNA is unchangeable. It is in the person's saliva, blood and skin cells. We can extract DNA from the roots of your hair or from a mouth swap. All will lead to the same result. The one thing you have to bear in mind is the legal regulations.

A DNA sample may not be taken without a person's consent. Therefore, here at Eurofins Forensics, we only ever will conduct a paternity test based on a standard sample of a buccal cheek swab or a person's blood. 

It is slightly different with deceased persons. We can still conduct DNA tests. But you will need to submit non-standard samples and the outcome of a test will depend on the quality of the sample you submit. It may be easy to find a hair of the deceased. But does it still hold it's root with enough DNA to generate a full profile? You may consult with us to find out what is the best sample you can offer in this special case. Also, we will need to see a proof that you are legally entitled to order a DNA test.


Which sample is best for DNA paternity testing?

Standard DNA samples

Non-standard DNA samples

Saliva Comb (Hair with root)
Blood electric shaver (stubbles)
  old envelopes and stamps
  Earplugs/ Hearing device/ Denture
  Biopsy Material

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