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How much is a paternity test

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How much does a paternity test cost

Court ordered testing can be very expensive. Read on to learn how you can save real money

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A court ordered paternity test must not necessarily be more expensive than a privately conducted test. In Germany, the Gene Diagnostics Law is regulating the conducting of DNA testing. Accordingly, each laboratory follows the same process while performing a DAN analysis. If your DNA test is ordered by a court it is important for you to know what exactly your judge wants. If you can clarify beforehand if the judge will also accept the results of a privately conducted test you can save a lot of money. The costs accrued by testing through an Institute of Legal Medicine are much higher while the method of testing is the same. To estimate the costs more accurately it is also important to know how many persons will participate in the test and if they live abroad.

Cost overview

Item Costs
Paternity Test for 2-3 persons 159 €
Witnessed sampling in our lab + 79 €
Witnessed sampling with a sampler of your choice upon request
Participants are living abroad, sampling + 249 €
Potentially „express“ processing + 299 €


Additional costs that may occur

  1. Witnessed sampling
  2. possible commissioning of express processing
  3. sampling and shipment of samples for participants abroad

1) According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act each DNA sampling has to be accompanied  by a neutral and experienced person, such as our lab personnel. You are therefore welcome to let us conduct your witnessed sampling. Still, it may not be possible for many of our customers to pay us a visit for their sampling. You may therefore also chose your person of trust from this list:

Not all will bill you for this service but you should check and compare beforehand.

2) Generally, a paternity test can be carried out within 3-4 working days. Basically the testing procedure can be accelerated but you will need to order this as an “express-handling

3) In Germany, the samples analysed in a DNA test must be taken during a witnessed sampling. If participants live abroad this witnessed sampling must be done by a public health officer. The subsequent shipment tracking to Germany must be reliable. It would be unfortunate if samples were lost during the shipment.
We can support you with this. For the sampling abroad we are working together with the German embassies worldwide. We will organize the sampling and take care of the shipping for you.

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