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What is a witnessed sampling?

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Each DNA analysis is based upon DNA samples. According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act these samples need to be taken in a procedure called "witnessed sampling".

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What is a witnessed sampling?

According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act (GenDG) DNA tests must be supported by a so-called "proof of identity" for each test participant. In addition the sample collection must be performed and witnessed by either your GP, an employee of the Youth Welfare center or a Public Medical Officer. In our test kit you will find the appropriate documents and FAQs to guide you and your sampler through this procedure, called "witnessed sampling".

Who performs the witnessed taking of samples?

According to the law, the scientist responsible for the DNA analysis should perform the taking of the samples. Still, it is obvious that this requirement is not feasible in reality as no laboratory can offer appointments no matter where. Therefore, the law allows certain deputies to take over the role of the laboratory's scientists. These deputies are, according to the law, a GP, no matter what field he or she has specialised in, an employee of a Youth Welfare Center or a Medical Health Officer.

How to find a sampler

The documentation and witnessed sampling are mandatory before a laboratory may start with a DNA analysis. We, as an accredited lab are obliged to check all documentation and refuse an analysis when the sampling seems to have been dubious.

A witnessed sampling leads to a legally admissible DNA report

Together with the sampling documentation, you can use our DNA report in court. Still, please keep in mind, in Germany each judge is free in his choice of evidence. Accordingly, he can rule to repeat the test with a laboratory of his choice. You should clarify beforehand if your judge will accept the DNA report done from a lab picked by you.

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