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Is the DNA test legally admissible?

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Our DNA tests can be legally admissible.

Especially for paternity tests all 3 parties, child, mother and alleged father must give their samples.

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All our DNA tests follow legal requirements

Our DNA test results can be perfectly used in court proceeding. Each DNA test, including paternity tests, must be based on a witnessed taking of samples and independently documented proof of identity.

Accordingly, the sampling must be performed by a neutral person. The German Gene Diagnostics Act strictly requires this to be either a GP, an employee of a Youth Welfare Center or a Medical Health Officer.

In our test kit you will find the appropriate documents and FAQs to guide you and your sampler through this procedure. No matter, if you want to establish a proof of paternity or if you like to find your relatives with a relationship test, your sampler needs to follow a procedure named "Chain of Custody".

If you would like to find a sampler, please read our help page, where we listed useful links and explanations.

According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act all test participants need to consent to the analysis. For minors all persons having custody need to give their written consent.

All our DNA test reports  can be used in court

As all of our DNA tests follow a strict chain of custody our test reports are acceptable to the civil courts. Our reports have been proved to be at least 99.9% accurate and are therefore admissible in a court of law as proof of paternity or relationship.

Still, in Germany judges are free in their choice of evidence. Accordingly, they can rule to have the DNA test repeated in a laboratory of their own choice. You should clarify beforehand if your judge will accept the DNA report done from a lab picked by you.

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