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How accurate is DNA paternity testing?

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A paternity test results is 100% reliable if done by a reputable laboratory.

In your paternity test result you will see no "maybe". A paternity inclusion (the tested man is the biological father) can be given with up to 99,99999 %. An exclusion will be given with 100% certainty.

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The wording of a DNA paternity test result can be very technical and not easy to understand. You will either be given a paternity inclusion or a paternity exclusion. A paternity inclusion will show genetic matches between the alleged father and the tested child. It is then stated that the tested man is the biological father with a certainty up to  99,9999%. A paternity exclusion is given when no genetic matches can be found between the test participants. This exclusion will be 100% certain.

The test results are absolutely trustworthy when given by a laboratory that can show you proof of their reliable testing methods. This proof consists of various elements:

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