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Our broad range of DNA tests at the most competitive prices: 

Paternity test: Report with DNA profile for each participant. Analysis of at least 21 DNA markers

Sibling DNA test: Test shows the statistical probability for full or half siblingship

Premium DNA tests: DNA results with highest reliability by analysing up to 45 DNA markers

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No hidden costs: at Eurofins, you will always see the final payable price for your test. There are no hidden fees or costs.

For a paternity test the price applies to the samples of 1 child and 1 alleged father. The mother's sample is optional and  will be analysed for free, if provided. Including the mother's sample will result in an even higher certainty.

Paternity Test Standard 21 DNA marker. DNA report sent by mail. For alleged father & 1 child (mother optional for free)
Additional Person (additional child or additional alleged father)
Paternity Test Premium 31 DNA markers. DNA report sent by mail. Highest accuracy. For alleged father & 1 child (mother optional for free)
Express Service (only for paternity tests)
Sibling Test Premium (2 participants), up to 45 DNA markers. Test for half or full siblingship
Relationship Test Premium 45 DNA markers or more up to 3 participants.
Additional Person Premium (additional child or additional alleged father)
Organisation of your sampling abroad We take care of:your appointment with an Embassy & Public Health Officer for the witnessed sampling and the return shipment of samples incl. import conditions
Additional DNA calculation paternity/ maternity per child
DNA Report in advance In addition to our DNA report by standard post
Witnessed Sampling in our premises
Letter to public authorities at your request
Test sets 1 Free test set for all participants. Additional sets can be bought for 5 €
 * All prices in Euros. All prices incl. 19% VAT


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