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Sibling Test

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Sibling DNA Test


(incl. VAT)
We examine between 21 and 45 DNA markers to determine a full or half siblingship.

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Participants: 2 persons

Result: comprehensive report with DNA profile of each participant

Price (incl. VAT): 380 €
additional participants: 119 €

A sibling test determines the statistical probability if 2 or more persons share both (full siblings) or just one parent (half siblings) or if they are unrelated.

A sibling test can be conducted between brother and brother, sister and sister or brother and sister. Your individual case/question determines our working hypothesis. Therefore it is important to provide us with the exact details of your case: What is the question you want to be answered (e.g. We have different mothers, but do I share the same father with the other person? Who is available for testing? If the parent is deceased, are there any usable samples left from the parent in question (e.g. biopsy samples from the hospital))

Please contact us to discuss your case before you sent in samples, so we can give you the best advise on the possibilities of your test and testing options..

We will send the results by postal mail.

How long does it take?
It may take up to 1 week or more to establish a result.

Accuracy / how reliable is the result?
The analysis' results will show statistical probability of siblingship. The outcome of the result will depend on the individual constellation of your case and the genetic characteristics we find.

Witnessed sampling
According to the German Gene Diagnostics Act (GenDG) persons who want to perform a DNA test need to have a witnessed sampling. Each participant must supply a proof of identity and the witness provides chain of custody for the collected samples.

The DNA test is cheaper if the putative father can be convinced to participate. Please read more about our paternity test standard

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