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Paternity Test Premium

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Paternity test or comprehensive DNA analysis


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We examine at least 31 DNA markers.

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Participants: alleged father & 1 child & mother (optional)

Result: comprehensive report with DNA profile of each participant

Price (incl. VAT): € 299
additional participants: 119 €

You should choose this paternity test if

Please always notify us if a close relative may also be in question, even when supplying just the samples of one alleged father. Identical twins cannot be differentiated as the biological father by this test. We can offer you a different test for this question.

How long does it take?
Paternity testing will take 4 working days. The results will be send by postal mail.
The faster, the better? Please order our "over-night-express" service.

Accuracy / how reliable is the result?
The analysis results will show a confirmation of paternity if the statistical percentage is 99,9% and above. Paternity can be excluded always with 100%.

Including the mother's samples
Having the mother submit her samples along with the child and alleged father helps us to establish an even more conclusive test result. We strongly encourage the mother to participate in the paternity test. We test he mother's samples free of charge with every paternity test. If the mother does not provide her samples for analysis she still needs to give written consent for the DNA analysis of a child under age.

Our DNA report for Youth Welfare agencies and court usage
You will receive your test results as a written report. Due to our laboratory's certifications and your obligation to have a witnessed sampling our DNA reports are accepted for legal purposes and by Youth Welfare Organisations.

Witnessed sampling
According to the German Gene Diagnostics (GenDG) law persons who want to perform a DNA test need to have a witnessed sampling. Each participant must supply a proof of identity and the witness provides chain of custody for the collected samples.

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